Reconnect through Theatre

Professional Independent Theatre Troupe

We’ll welcome you.

We’ll intrigue you,
encourage you to ask for more,
offer a sense of belonging, feeling part of a tribe.

You’ll be seen, heard, and enjoy a renewed motivation to reach out, find your purpose and live into it.

Performed by
Come you Spirits Theatre Troupe

More soon

We opened in The Haven amphitheatre, Sydney, for the Winter Solstice 2022, with Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth. We’re adapting them both for The Coal Loader in August. For the Equinox we’re adding The Tempest to the repertoire, and for the Summer Solstice – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We’ll do all our shows in every season.

Four plays, four actors, four characters in each play, focussing on the magic of our world that Shakespeare showed so openly.

We use the characters and predicaments to demonstrate the use of energy for communication, conflict and healing. A practical guide to natural flow in activated temple spaces, with savage language, pagan soundscapes and heathen lighting. Spirituality from before religion.

You will find your people here for they are amongst the audience just like you.

Our actors are performing and simultaneously channelling chi energy through their specific chakra points and as a result you will activate your chakras to your next natural level. You will experience Chi energy in flow as it is used to create authentic communication and dynamic characters upon the stage. You are a part of this production and exchange of energy. 

The Troupe

We’re experienced professional actors who have worked internationally and across Australia, seasoned in Shakespeare and classical theatre, film and TV. We are Jo Bloom (The Britsh Shakespeare Company, Australian Shakespeare Company) Charles Mayer (Pop-Up Globe, ANZAC Girls) Sontaan Hopson (Risen, Atomic Kingdom) and Alec Ebert (God of Carnage, Of Mice and Men).

We are also healers and energy workers who have walked our own paths of healing and sat in our own dark nights of the soul. We’ve done the work, done the research, we’re living our passion and are on point with our purpose. We’ve combined everything we know to be true in experiences to lift us all out of the foggy haze of madness and strike amazement to our drowsy spirits.

We’ve developed a new approach to acting incorporating ancient wisdom

This goes beyond conventional theatre and into healing, using a unique soundscape to support the shows that takes the audience on a journey. The speakers in the space are supported by large, wooden, constructed flat reflectors that look like megaliths from Stonehenge. These are positioned at specific points that hold the principles of sacred geometry and temple building – they have a strong visual impact, but they’re very much designed to bounce sound around the space. In ancient temples, like the ones that are 10,000 years old, they used giant stones to reflect and resonate sound in the space – we’re using sound in such a way that the whole body hears it.

Ancient cultures used sound as part of their healing and spiritual journey in temples. They focused on different sounds to affect the different energy centres of the body (the chakras) to uplift them. And we’re using these same principals. We strive to raise the frequency of the audience into a higher state of consciousness.

The set up of the theatre spaces and the activation of those sites using intention is key.

We perform at dawn and dusk. There is something very special about performing at dawn. It feels like the world is asleep, and you are asleep – it’s dark, it’s been dark for hours, and then bang – sunlight. It brings everything to life, including you.


Chi energy

Experience the exchange of Chi energy between actors and audience. Chi energy focussed through Chakra points in personal and professional communication optimises effectiveness, as demonstrated on stage. Use it to inspire you to be the best fricken human you can be – honest, grounded, in service of the earth and others, operating from love not fear.



Audiences and workshop participants tell us how much they feel connected to the land, to each other and to a greater sense of themselves after experiencing these shows. the audience don’t want to leave the space. People are hugging, weeping – adults, children, infants. There is a hum of the human spirit that exists in the space that didn’t before. No one cared if it rained or was cold during the shows, they are captivated. There was even a pelican circling the sky directly above the performance space in Kangaroo Valley after the shows – soaking up the divine energy.

Troupe Supporters

Enthused by can’t make it to the shows? A donation of $25 will fire your support into the Come you Spirits collective working non-stop behind the scenes to make it all happen. You will be posted a Come you Spirits t-shirt as a reminder of your own 7 magnificent energy centres – calling you to bring the spirit of the elephant, the crocodile, the ram, the dove, the lion, the owl and the butterfly.