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any of the shows in our repertoire

The Come you Spirits theatre troupe are available for touring and all performances can be booked or a box office split arrangement can be made.

All performances can be in open-air natural environments, studio or large-scale theatre space, and can be performed with or without access to power as we have capacity to do our full shows off-grid.

performance menu

Shakespeare’s Magic is a 50 min performance with 2 company members drawing on the Magic that Shakespeare wove into his plays across The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth. Audiences experience these scenes with the action taking place around and among them and feel the stirring of their own magic. A wonderful introduction to Shakespeare or intimate exclusive performance.

The Tempest explodes with full lighting and sound lashing the space for a story of freedom from colonisation, forgiveness, redemption and love. An exiled King finds refuge on an island full of magic – magic that he has conquered and enslaved, until he learns better from those around him. It invites us to consider our own expressions of freedom and bondage, and to question – what binds us? How could those shackles be released? Performed by the full troupe of 4 actors and 1 sound artist.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream –
Move between dimensions with these four powerful characters as they try to heal the chaos of love via Fairyland, the Forest, and the Palace’s thinly veiled layers of existence. Offering a comedy full of truth, love, joy, colour, expansion and expression. It invites us to run full-speed towards what we love. Performed by the full troupe of 4 actors and 1 sound artist.

Macbeth punches out the hardest of truths – that we always have a choice. It roars with the refraction of the many shades of love and the human spirit. A spirit that can overcome all odds or be taken over. Love that can inspire greatness or drive us to darkness. Macbeth is an invitation to sit with our shadows, claim them and find redemption.

Romeo & Juliet is an offering of unconditional love. Passion and hope propels us towards a vision of a brave new world of forgiveness and connectedness where love thrives. Romeo & Juliet invites an opening of the heart to receive a light so bright that we recognise our own capacity for growth – in all its tenderness and glory.