Demonstrating Sustainability

Solar-charged-battery-powered sound and light in remote performance venues such as this riverbed in St Albans NSW

Street-find props, set and costumes, then recycle, such as these four skirts made from restaurant tablecloths

Rehearsals are residential intensives at our off-grid theatre ranch at St Albans, surrounded by Yengo National Park
Post-season blues and unemployment anxiety removed by sustained employment of a fixed troupe of actors

Post-show guided meditation with audience clears narrative dramatic trauma and rebalances optimal grounded energy

Audience-actor bonding in the space integrates the love and relieves post-show abandonment
Plays chosen for their themes of natural energy, ancient universal lore and respect for Nature

Plays edited to amplify our connection to nature, such as: Mother Earth here as Caliban – enslaved by Prospero who releases her and finds peace

Once rehearsed, plays stay in the repertoire, fitting seasons and spaces
Hold the mirror up to Nature, not the Matrix:
demonstrate to audiences how things can be done sustainably

Nature is infinitely more powerful than an indoor set:
use what’s there and make only what’s needed

We offer talks to theatre companies, conferences and actors on sustainability, get in touch using this form and let’s share